Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Style Post - Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner

I have been invited to my boyfriend's house for Thanksgiving dinner. This would be the first time meeting his parents so I am really nervous. I have been trying to find an outfit that is classy yet still reflects my style! This is what I came up with, a black peplum dress, two toned black and gold heels, a black clutch, simple studs and a dark red lip. 

Happy Thanksgiving loves! 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Boutique Review - Oliver Yar

The other day I got an email from the owners of Oliver Yar, a new online boutique catering to young, classy, sophisticated women. I checked out the website and wanted to share my new finds. The prices are very affordable with pieces starting at $10.00! Check out a few of my favorite pieces below!

Ivy - $20.00

Sallie - $15.00

Carrie - $30.00

These are my favorite pieces! These are so affordable I could add them all to my fall wardrobe!
Visit the site - www.oliveryar.com

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall/Winter Must Haves

Fall Must Haves

These are the ULTIMATE Fall/Winter MUST HAVES! Everyone should have these items in there closet this winter.

The infinity scarf - Thrown over any outfit can add a pop of color, or jazz up a more minimal look. Infinity scarfs come in many colors, patterns and fabrics. 

Jackets - A jacket paired with a leather pant and boots, simple yet chic. Peplum jackets are especially popular this Fall/Winter, well peplum anything is! Leather jackets also compliment almost anything!

Shoes- If you don't have a pair of loafers yet, you must be hiding under a rock! Loafers are a simple shoe but make a statement with the patterns, prints and studs added to them. Steve Madden makes the most comfortable and stylish loafers there are. Combat boots are also a hit. These Jeffery Campbell spike eye stud boots are amazing. 

Leather tights/pants- Leather keeps you warm in the winter but is also very stylish! These leather high waisted tights from American Apparel are cute and can be paired with anything.

Accessories- Gloves, beanies and a statement clutch, MUST HAVES.

Lipstick- A dark red or a beige or nude pink, perfect for the fall/winter.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Boutique Review: Passport

I visited Passport boutique in NW DC last weekend. There were some major hits in the mens section but some misses in the women's. The owner, Karoush was very nice and informative, but his choice of space and location was elusive. You would probably pass right by it, not even knowing it was a clothing store, I sure did. He converted his home into a boutique, so it looks like an ordinary house. His mens pieces were very nice, stylish and tailored.

His women's and mens prices varied, mens being more expensive then the women's. Overall it was a great boutique and a great experience, I would visit it again!
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